Jena Antonucci Bio

Jena Antonucci

Jena Antonucci – Bio

Jena was introduced to horses at 3 years of age. Initially starting in the hunter, jumper and equitation disciplines, she would later be exposed to the back-side of New York thoroughbred racing by her grandparents, avid New York owners; this at a time when children were still frowned upon in the winner’s circle. Jena spent her childhood developing as a rider and a student of the horse while learning to implement the core fundamentals required for a horse to achieve its highest potential.

Jena spent many of her formative years retraining and developing off-the-track thoroughbreds for their second careers. This experience motivated her to learn what is required to more effectively achieve this goal. She moved to Ocala, FL in 2000 and began breaking and training under the D. Wayne Lukas program at Padua Stables. Learning invaluable lessons, Jena took them back and applied them to the off-the-track retraining program. Jena then spent the next 4 1/2 years working as an equine veterinary-assistant, continuing to round out her skill set.

Eventually the competitive nature of the business, along with the balance, artistry, athleticism and speed required in developing a great thoroughbred motivated Jena to open her own business, Bella Inizio Farm, where she initially cared for broodmares, foals, weanlings and yearlings.

Jena’s experience and instinctive eye, coupled with her passion for training, culminated in her being fully focused on pursuing her training ambitions. Developing a unique set of horsemanship skills, Jena continued evolving into a top-notch trainer. She became fully committed to breaking and developing young horses, allowing the horse, through use of their own language, to develop to their highest potential.

Jena took out her public license in early 2010, confident in her talents and her proven success in a farm setting, she quickly earned her first win on March 7, 2010 at Tampa Bay Downs. Building off this success, Jena confidently jumped into the deep waters of New York Racing and hasn’t looked back since.

Jena’s innate ability to connect with the horse, honed by years of experience, has produced success well beyond expectation. In a short amount of time she has earned several stakes wins and continues to earn the respect of fellow horseman and industry insiders.

Jena keeps an open door policy for owners as she continues to build a team and family environment which has been the foundation for this growth allowing her to maintain a consistent string of horses no matter where the team is racing.