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Female Thoroughbred Trainer

Who is Jena Antonucci

I didn’t pick them; they picked me. For that, I’m grateful.

I grew up riding horses from the age of three. I began competing and training show horses throughout childhood, into my teens, and early adulthood.

On my journey to better understand horses and the retraining process, I shifted gears and found an opportunity at one of the best breaking and training programs for Thoroughbreds and relocated to Ocala, Florida.

Learned from the Best

I had the honor of working under the D. Wayne Lukas program at Padua Stables, breaking and training Thoroughbreds. The knowledge I gained there allowed me to evolve my training skillset and further apply it to the off-the-track training program at the farm. After that experience,

I then worked as an equine veterinary assistant for four and a half years, giving me another perspective on horses and their health.

I opened my own business, Bella Inizio Farm, where I initially cared for broodmares, foals, weanlings, and yearlings before moving into rehabilitating Thoroughbreds to return to racing.

“The answer is already within each horse…it’s up to us to listen.”

Jena Antonucci



Training with Instinct and Talent

I have a passion and instinct for training, and my career is entirely focused on developing racehorses. I possess a unique set of horsemanship skills. My career is constantly evolving, so both the horses and I continue to grow and thrive. Upon receiving a horse, I work with each one to learn their language and encourage them to develop to their highest potential.

Statistics Aren’t the Only Indicator of Success

I earned my public training license in 2010 and quickly earned my first win on March 7, 2010, at Tampa Bay Downs. I’ve continued to build off that success over the last decade, which initially allowed me to take the big jump into the deep waters of New York Racing. Since then, our program has grown, and we let the horses dictate where we run and compete.
My goal is always to connect with the horses, and that experience has been honed over many years. As a woman in a predominantly male-driven industry, it’s easy to feel like my success is always under a microscope. But I’ve exceeded expectations. In a concise amount of time, I’ve earned several stakes wins, and I continue to earn the respect of fellow horsemen and industry insiders.


I know the industry is evolving, and women are taking on new positions, which can only improve everyone’s experience. I want to be a force for that change and help move training in the right direction where anyone with the skills, talent, and love for the hoses can excel and achieve.
When I am your trainer, you can feel confident. My life-long background in working and developing horses and my love for the sport will be the right combination to achieve success for you and your racehorse.

Meet the Team

We keep an open-door policy for owners. While we continue to build a successful team with a family environment, which is the foundation for our growth.

Katie Miranda

Katie Miranda

Co-Owner of horseOlogy

Owner of White Lilac, Katie Miranda, was born and raised in Ocala, Florida – Horse Capital of the World. Both Katie’s parents were an integral part of her development into a horsewoman. Her father was a jockey and raised his daughter to love and respect horses. Katie and her mother traveled the east coast together, attending horse shows. Her parents owned and operated a thoroughbred training center, and she grew up in the family business.

Fiona Goodwin

Fiona Goodwin

Assistant Trainer

Originally from County Kerry in Ireland, Fiona grew up in a large family on the family farm. She was raised around horses; her father was a top showjumper. Her father's drive reinforced Fiona's development for perfection and attention to detail which is necessary for success.

Teona Rodriguez

Teona Rodriguez


The team behind the scenes is dpeg Marketing Company, a custom web design and marketing organization based in Asheville, North Carolina. The dpeg Marketing vision is to create new and innovative ideas for every client, and they partner with tiny house, agriculture, outdoor, brewing, and equine businesses. They are enthusiastic and excited to contribute creatively to the team’s efforts.

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Ocala, Florida

I keep an open-door policy for owners. I continue to build a successful team with a family environment, which is the foundation for my growth. This allows me to maintain a consistent string of horses no matter where the team is racing.

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