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I didn’t pick them; they picked me. For that, I’m grateful.

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I keep an open-door policy for owners. I continue to build a successful team with a family environment, which is the foundation for my growth. This allows me to maintain a consistent string of horses no matter where the team is racing.



Services We Offer

Contact Jena Antonucci, and the team at Bella Inizio Farm offers several services for horse owners beyond breaking, training, and racing, including Pinhooking and Bloodstock Advising.

Bloodstock Advising

We work with you to turn your goals into reality. Understanding the industry, the players, the horses, and your goals allows for making level decisions.

Pin Hooking

Pinhooking is the practice where we buy a Weanling or Yearling to sell in the next sales cycle. When we purchase a Weanling, we prepare for the Yearling Sales the following year. For a Yearling, we look to sell as a 2-Year-Old. It’s also possible to Pinhook mares who are in foal.


We are here to help at whatever level you want to participate. We can work with your specific budget and plans to ensure you have a seat at the table. We want everyone interested to have the experience of buying or racing Thoroughbreds. Contact Jena Antonucci for more information.

Covered Eurocisor

Our spacious covered Eurociser allows each horse to stretch their backs and necks while walking freely. Whether cooling out after training or starting to regain fitness while being legged back up, each horse can benefit from its time in the Eurocisor.

Large Round Pen

Our oversized round pen allows for an ideal safe space to start-up yearlings or offers a controlled environment to a horse not quite ready for full turnout.

Meet the Team

We keep an open-door policy for owners. While we continue to build a successful team with a family environment, which is the foundation for our growth.

Katie Miranda

Katie Miranda

Owner of White Lilac

Katie Miranda was born and raised in Ocala, Florida – Horse Capital of the World. Both Katie’s parents were an integral part of her development into a horsewoman. Her father was a jockey and raised his daughter to love and respect horses. Katie and her mother traveled the east coast together, attending horse shows. Her parents owned and operated a thoroughbred training center, and she grew up in the family business.

Fiona Goodwin

Fiona Goodwin

Assistant Trainer

Originally from County Kerry in Ireland, Fiona grew up in a large family on the family farm. She was raised around horses; her father was a top showjumper. Her father's drive reinforced Fiona's development for perfection and attention to detail which is necessary for success.

Teona Rodriguez

Teona Rodriguez


Teona is outgoing and socially assertive. No one stays a stranger long after they meet her. Teona is enthusiastic and possesses a contagious level of optimism. Behind the scenes she develops and designs equine websites, manages social media and creates custom content. She cares deeply about her clients, listens carefully to their feedback, and gives her all for their success.